Thursday, 17 May 2012

Time Boyz [MUSIC VIDEO]: agahinda k'unwary

After many failed attempts at overnight uploads from home, I went to a rich people's cafe in town to upload this video, and it worked! It is funny, because this is the kind of cafe that would call the police if street children came anywhere near it and is protected by security with machine guns. HA HA HA! Power to the underground!

The hip hop group Time Boyz is made up of former street children of Kigali, Rwanda. Their song is the story of how a little girl and an older boy survived life on the streets by sticking together like brother and sister. The mission of the Time Boyz is to give hope to other street children and lead by example. Even though their own society treats them as animals, they have held their heads up and gotten themselves off the streets and into schools. The Time Boyz currently live at Les Enfants de Dieu, a center for former street children in Ndera, Kigali.

Thank you to Willy Mutabazi for co-creating this music video.

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